Hawk attack!

We decided to take down the fence in order to let the ladies wander the open yard a bit since it had snowed and we weren’t too worried about them eating the grass seed. I was in the kitchen watching them in the middle of the yard when a HUGE hawk came swooping down upon them! Those ladies ran for cover under the pine trees and I ran outside yelling and shouting at the hawk. It dive-bombed one more time but all the hens had taken cover and I was in the yard screaming like a crazy woman… Note: keep the fence up and don’t let the hens in open space! No wonder they like hanging out under the big pine trees and bushy manzanita so much…

Chicken Medicine

Bernie (our alpha) decided to stop walking and just sit- when she would try to walk she’d get all lopsided and sit down again.

She even sat right in the middle of the treats and ate all the treats around her- so it seemed like a good sign that she still wanted to eat and drink.

Fearing a stuck egg or something worse, we put her in a bin with shavings, food and water and put her in the warm laundry room. We gave her warm baths every day and kept her warm & fed and after 3 days she stood up and we put her back outside. All has been well ever since…these little ladies really make me worry! I don’t want to have to relive the Peaches episode :(

I guess she just needed a little chicken spa time!

2 new ladies- meet BBQ (Barbie) & Super Nova!

We ‘rescued’ two new ladies, BBQ (Barbie) a buff orpington (like our little Peaches) and Super Nova, a black astralorp. They are young and big and healthy and just starting to lay the most beautiful little pink and brown eggs. It took about 2 weeks for them to settle in and for the other meanies to stop picking on them but now they are the prettiest since they won’t have to go through a molt this year!

BBQ was named because she kept escaping the fence and perching on the BBQ instead of in the coop each night. AND she’s blonde, so Barbie seemed a good nickname!

Pictures coming soon…

Winter Cluckers ready for winter again…

Well, this winter has been very disappointing for those of us who like the snow! For the ladies, however, well- they couldn’t be happier!

They’ve been walking all over the yard, still able to access grass in some areas!

It has been cold however and their first molt has resulted in some much fluffier hens! We are back to producing about 2 eggs daily.

R.I.P Sweet Peaches 5/2010-7/27/2011

Our poor sweet Peaches has passed away. We are still not sure exactly what happened but she is now enjoying her grapes & bread in chicken heaven. We will miss her. xoxo

Chicken crisis #2- Peaches

Oh crap. Peaches has become increasingly uncoordinated today and fell off the ramp out of the coop. This morning she made it out back and then was coming in along the yard and pitched forward on her feet, right onto her face :(  We put her in the coop and she can’t stand up or move real well. Her eyes are pretty dilated too. I gave her some yogurt and olive oiil which she ate but then decided she would be better off by herself in the kitty carrier. Mostly so the other hens don’t accidentally step on her or peck her. I am wondering if she ate something bad, moldy food or backyard mushrooms? There is a big mushroom in the back that looks pecked at…Hopefully it isn’t some weird infection or neurological disease. I guess time will tell. She did lay an egg this morning and have a normal poop…keep you fingers crossed! I know she’s only a chicken but she’s the sweetest one and I’ve gotten a little attached to her.

Peaches on a good day

Can chickens swim?

Apparently not. Peaches has been acting a little funny today- a little off balance and not her usual perky self. Then this evening, Olive was making a ton of noise at the window and I went to look out and Peaches was stuck in a planter that we had full of water for them to drink out of! She must have fallen in and then gotten stuck. We rescued her and put her back in the coop. Not sure what is going on…


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